JCPenny Associates Kiosk

JCP Kiosk is an online-based portal for the employees of JCPenny associate that allows the employees to check their work schedule and other important information about the company conveniently. Through this you can get to know work schedule and time allocation. To Login into JCPenny Associates Kiosk  account submit your employee ID and password in the Jcp Associate Kisok Portal. Follow the below instructions to get started.

How to Login JCP Kiosk

  • Visit JCPenny Associate Kiosk website, you will be landed to a home page of the portal. On that you have to click on "Associate Kiosk @Home" link to specify that you are much more interested on that page. 
  • Once you click on that link you will be redirected to the login page of JCPenny Associate Kiosk. Here you need to fill the 9 digits employee ID and password to open the portal and explore on it. 
  • If you do not have password yet, you can click on 'Register as New User' link, and then go through the registration process accordingly. 
  • Two things user need to concern before registering into JcpAssociates Kiosk is that user must be a employ of JC Penny Associates and another thing is that the registration process will be workable from JCPenny workplace computer.

How to access work schedule

Once you login to JCPenny Associates Kiosk, you will able to check your work schedule and other informative works timely. For this, you have find JTime Launchpad located in the left hand side of the first page and click on that. After tapping you will find the scheduled time of your work comprehensively.

JCPenny Associates Kiosk Benefits

Being an employee of JCPenny Associate you are eligible to acquire certain benefits provided through JCp Kiosk website. The benefits includes medical insurance, free dental checkup, retirement savings and many more. To get access to these benefits you have enroll your employee ID and password to portals's login page by using a special feature called as PowerLine feature. After login into the portal user have to visit the PowerLine feature in the same page. Clicking on that link will take you to a page where all benefits program could be manipulated.

JCP Kiosk Discount Card

The company provides this card for their new employees who recently joined JCPenny Associate. If you are a new employee you will be benefited with this card. You will be using this discount card for shopping brick and mortar from the JCPenney store offline. While purchasing you have to show the discount card at check point. 

Once you crossed the check point the discount will apply on the items. To activate this discount you have to perform some activation work JCPenney Kiosk. Here, first you have to login JCPenny Kiosk and click on 'self service' and from there you have to click on 'discount card activation' to activate the discount card.